Change in cutting detail

So I’ve been making flags and Maltese cross with partial Stars and Stripes on it. I am using a 1/4” solid carbide 60 degree v bit. The stars have been cutting really nice and crisp. Well, last week I cut a flag and the stars in the union, but the points of each star looked more “rounded” than pointed. I just did another Maltese cross and the the stars in this too are rounded. I am attaching pictures of the good stuff and pictures of what I think are not good stuff. Any suggestions would help.
It looks to me like it is cutting deeper and then not coming as high or far back thus not getting the point, but I could be completely wrong, and if so, I don’t know why.

V carves are affected by a number of things:

  • machine operation — check pulley set screws, belt tension, &c.
  • tram and wasteboard flatness and machine squareness — check that nothing has gone out of true
  • stock flatness — make sure the stock is as flat as expected
  • endmill angle / toolpaths — these need to match

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