Change Table Size?

Hello all. I wasn’t able to find much info about this on the forum but that could be because I am new here. My controller went bad, so I got a new one, and some limit switches also.

Everything is functioning except I can’t figure out how to change the table size from x=830, y=850.
My table size is x=890, y=1575 or (36 inches x 66 inches)

New board V2.4e, I am using Carbide Motion v4.0.414, GRBL V1.1f

Thanks for reading.


I’m afraid that Carbide Motion 4 is hard-coded for the standard Carbide 3D machine sizes — it’s not possible to change its settings.

You’ll need to use a 3rd party tool to accommodate your machine. List at:

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Thanks Will. From the few things I was able to find, I was thinking something like that might be the case.

I will check your link, hopefully Mach3/4 makes the list, I have a buddy who likes it and keeps trying to get me to try it. That would give me a reason to buy it.


I don’t think Mach3 can easily be used with the Shapeoko — my understanding is you’d need to purchase a breakout board and rewire the stepper motors to it.

The usual suspects are bCNC, cncjs, and Universal G-Code Sender.

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