Changing $100/$101 values via CarbideMotion/MDI?

When running CarbideMotion, there is an MDI menu which apparently allows you to send stuff to the gerbil card.

I need to make adjustments to $100/$101 to accommodate some belt stretch. I’m not going to mess with Z ($102) now because I don’t know if I can measure it accurately enough yet.

I want these settings to be static (that is, saved through a power-cycle).

Do I type: “$100=40.061” and then click the SEND button?

Or do I type: “/$100=40.061” and then click the SEND button?

I don’t understand the significance of the slash.

And when I’m done with that, do I just enter the next command ($101) in similar fashion?

Do I need to do anything else to save those settings to NVRAM or anything?

Any tips would be welcome.

It should be

$100=40.061 then click SEND

The / should be used for commands which Carbide Motion wouldn’t normally accept — $100 isn’t in that category I believe

Yes, just do the second command thereafter. Such command settings are persistent, so they will be saved to the EEPROM.