Changing jog speed and distance?

Want to do basic basic drag engraving tests and thought it would be simple to use Motion but the jog speed is too high and the distance is either to long or too short.

Want to scratch a series of parallel lines at increasing depths just to see if this machine will do what I want and I’m not yet up to speed with the full design and file transfer workflow.

I’d like to move much slower than jog speed and go 10mm instead of 1mm.

Realistically, you will need to do this with gcode. There are no real options to change the jogging behavior of Carbide Motion. I would take the time to learn how to design your test and then run it. Good excuse to learn the whole process.

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The only real option here, other than traditional CAD/CAM is to hand-code the G-Code, either saved in a text file, or entered in the MDI using lines such as:

G0 Z-0.25 F200

(will plunge down at the current position -0.25mm at 200mm/min.)

G1 X10 F800

(assuming current position is X0 will move 10mm to the right at 800mm/min.)

G0 Z5

(will rapidly lift to current position plus 5mm relative to the Z-axis zero plane)

Learning CAD/CAM should be easier — what do you wish to draw up?


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