Changing Spindle

One more question since your so good at answering them, in looking at the spindles on eBay and such I see some come with all kinds of things, others not so much. What all is needed to get this spindle to work on a SO3 and can it be connected to the SO3 control board? I am very familiar with water cooling as I water cool PCs so no worries there. I guess what I could ask rather is could you post a link of kit you’d recommend that comes with everything I would need?

Sure. I bought a kit with most of the bits included, i.e water pump, hosing and mount some items had to be modified but for me buying a kit removed an element of s**t this doesn’t fit (I was more worried about the water cooling element). I had to do some prefab work on the mount, but you could get away with some basic holes. I believe smaller spindles might fit in the Matika mount.

You can control the spindle with the Shapeoko kit - which is very cool, auto stop/start and speed control.

Well worth reading my write up here;


Thanks again so much! I will definitely read this article.

I actually water cool PCs all the time so that is the least of my worries. I have rads and fans at the ready :smiley: