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Okay I am getting ready to tram my wasteboard. I downloaded the program from Ben Myers to level the new waste board; however, the tool he used is not the one I purchased. He uses the more expensive one I purchased the Whiteside 6210. How do I change the tool in carbide create from the one Ben used to the one I have?


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I use the same Whiteside bit. I emailed WS and they replied with feed and speed as 15000 rpm and 100 ipm as starting. I set mine to 80 ipm and run my router on 3 all the time. I added the tool as 401 and input my tool paramaters with 40 percent step over. I am not in front of CC right now.

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Thank you
What did you but in for the following when you did your waste board
Depth per pass
Step over
Spindle speed
Feed rate
Plunge rate

Sorry for all the questions but I am as new as they come to all of this.


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Here are the settings I used for Whiteside 6120

  1. First Click off “Set speeds automatically” This allows you to modify settings.
  2. Depth per Pass: 0.201
  3. Stepover: 0.450 (The bit is 1" Wide)
  4. Spindle Speed: Dewalt set on 2=17,700 RPM
  5. Feed Rate: 8.594
  6. Plunge Rate: 1.432

When I first created the new tool the default feed rates were fantastically slow. These worked pretty well and took about 10 minutes to pocket out the spoil board. Be sure to use dust collection on a MDF spoil board. The MDF is made of saw dust and the tram-ing makes even finer dust. If you do not have a dust collector hold your shop vac near the router bit during cutting and wear a dust mask your self.

If you have a bit selected before creating the new tool you will inherit the properties of the last chosen bit.


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