Chatter traveling X+ but not X-?

Ear piercing “tinging” when moving from left to right but not right to left…?

It’s been bugging me a bit and usually it’s not that big of a deal but it was particularly audible on this cut(facing operation) of some very rough walnut.

Edit: 65in/min feed present at both 12.5k and 17.2k RPM


If it’s a chatter I would check the bottom rollers insure they are not loose. Mine was doing the same thing but in both directions and that was the problem.

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What endmill, depth of cut, and width of cut?

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251-spiral down, around .125” depending on where it was on the rough lumber, and a .18” step over.

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Assuming your endmill isn’t dull, your cut isn’t overly aggressive, so if nothing is loose (can you feel any difference in router vibrations?), it’s likely just the difference in sound of climb cutting (X-) and conventional cutting (X+) as @ThatGuy suggested. Both the endmill rake angle and grain orientation vary with your cut direction. You might want to try increasing your router speed to reduce cutting forces.


I concur with @ThatGuy as well; RPM changes the pitch of the problem, but doesn’t eleminate it, though didn’t really push higher than 22k.

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If you’re getting good quality cuts, its not really a problem is it?

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Only for my wife.

I recently had a bearing issue with my CCR so I think where this is coming from is I’m being a little more attentive to mechanical stresses created by cutting forces.

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All the more reason to increase (max out) your speed. That would surely piss off your wife even more, unless you get her some Isotunes. :wink:
But, I’m assuming that Carbide 3d’s endmills can handle 30kRPM since their router does (@WillAdams?)

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