Cheap Tablet for Carbide Motion

Looking for a cheap tablet for running Carbide Motion to control the CNC. I’d like to be able to create a home network that I can save my .nc files to from my main computer in my house and then have the tablet in the garage hooked to the CNC where I can import those files.

The Fusion 5 that I found suggested on the forum is still $200. Is there anything cheaper?

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Check used or refurbished?

So far I have 3 options on my list as far as new or used tablets.

Fusion 5

RCA 12" and possibly 10"…i think they’re called Cambio model

MS Surface…surface 3’s seem to be the cheapest so i’m guessing they’re an older model.

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Last Feb. After 3+ years, I upgraded my 7" Tablet (Ref: TW700) to a 10" Tablet (Ref: EVOO 10.1" Tablet ) that I picked up on sale for $70. It has worked out great. I closely follow SlickDeals for many of my purchases.

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