Checkpoints in carbide motion

I’m not sure if this is even possible, but since I’m dealing with random disconnects, i figured i’d post it.

It would be cool if somewhere in carbide motion it was saving “Checkpoints” that would allow you to start a job from that checkpoint.

This would be useful not only for random disconnects, but also jobs where something goes wrong (broken endmill etc…) where you could stop and resume from the last checkpoint when you restart.

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It’s a good idea. You could simulate this by creating multiple Toolpaths using slightly different tool #s — we have the technique for restarting a job manually noted at:

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I was just thinking about that today while cutting my very first 3D plaque. 100,000 Gcode lines into a 144,000 line string I was thinking how would I recover on a 10 hour project like this.

Not too bad for my first time I think.


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