Chewed up left side Y belt, I wonder why?

My XL started eating one of the 9mm Y belts during a job yesterday. I was out of the shop for a bit and didn’t notice what happened. The job finished and the gantry parked by the time I noticed the issue when moving to the tool change position.

No big deal, since the part was ok and I have spares on hand. Just curious, really. I’m thinking the belt may have loosened up and caused the failure.

Anybody else have any thoughts. Just like to avoid the problem if possible.

The belts are a wear item — you should inspect them before each use per — a small dental mirror helps.

Thanks Will, my bad.

So, let’s assume I inspected before this use and saw no obvious problems.

My question remains the same, what is the most likely cause?

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Unfortunately, belts fail — it seems to be undetectable — the structure is of a bunch of strands hidden under the rubber and as one strand gives way that puts more stress on the others, then causing another to break in the beginning of a cascade.

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Looks like the reinforcement strands in the belt gave way and caused the failure.

We had one that went, no warning, everything looked fine when we started the job. Looked just like yours. Not sure how many miles we had on it.

Haven’t broken one in a while, might be time to replace them.


Possibly a misalignment between the stepper pulley and the idler wheels? Belt not straight/parallel to axis.

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