Chip out/Feed rate help on a project using eastern white pine

Hello, I am working on a bunch of signs and I was hoping I could get some advice on some adjustments possibly that would benefit me. I’m getting a lot of chip out on the current project i’m working as you can see in the picture above. Im using eastern white pine which I know is a soft wood so I know its more prone to chipout. I’m using an Amana RC-1145 45 degree router bit. I’m running it at 45 for the feed rate and either 15 or 20 on the plunge rate. I don’t know if maybe increasing or decreasing the feed rate would be best. I have it set at a deep pass and then a finishing path to try to clean it up. I’ve made 3 of these signs already and just had minor chipout in one or two places but with how bad this one is I think the grain might be playing a factor also. Any help anyone could provide me would be greatly appreciated.

What router rpm are you running? Depth of cut per pass?

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I was running it on 3 on the cabide 3d router which I believe is 18250 rpm. The depth of cut is .1 but the specific part in the picture is shallower than that. I have it set up to do two passes for what I am v carving.

I think your issue is that you are trying to cut too small of a feature. The only thing I can suggest is being very conservative on your depth of cut and keep you chip load low for anywhere you have those fine details. I would also make your total depth as shallow as possible. You are currently at a 0.00125" chip load and I would not go any less than 0.001". Maybe consider using a very small down cut end mill instead?

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