Choosing post processor

I’m new to CC, coming from using Fusion 360 (too much horsepower for my needs), and I want to save toolpaths as separate files. I’m carving with a Shapeoko 3. Which post processor should I choose. There’s a Carbide 3D Shapeoko selection but it says ONLY for those with homing sensors. I bought my S3 last year. Did it come with homing sensors? How can I tell?

Your machine has homing switches — they all have since the initial Launch edition machines which were last sold spring of 2016 — please use “Carbide 3D Shapeoko” for the post processor.

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also if you ever want to split a gcode file into per tool files: GcodeSplit - Split gcode files by toolpath


I tried your utility with a file that had two toolpaths but it generated one file that was identical to the one I uploaded.

Did it have more than one tool? The toolpath splitter splits according to the different tools used, so multiple toolpaths that all use the same tool will end up in the same file.

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Single tool for two toolpaths. That explains what happend.

hmm yeah right now it splits by tool.
I can make an option to split by toolpath… it’s not hard I just had never thought of that (versus per tool which is quite useful, even for us with bitsetters)…

but I can see it being useful if you want to continue halfway if something bad happened and you had to abort, I’ll code that up shortly :wink:

EDIT: This is now working and live on the site