Christmas must be close!

Hello Forum!!!

I haven’t been on this board near as much as I used to be, partly because I’ve been working with tools other than my XXL, and more partly because I’ve been locked in my shop for the last 6+ months creating Christmas projects (craft show was last weekend (finally) and turned out well (thankfully)). So I’ve had some free time to catch up with my favorite forum and noticed that this place is jumping!!! I’m wondering if it’s busy because so many people got new machines on Black Friday, or if everyone else (like myself) have finally been set free from their Christmas caves? What are y’all making (or finished making)? Here’s a bit of mine, mostly laser this year because it’s new to me:



Wow, @DanoInTx! I was going to say I’m jealous of your shop time, but I know what it’s like to be a mini factory. Unfortunately, nearly everything I laser cut is for my students. What laser do you have? Do you sand the burnt edges of the plywood? Why the double bottom on the candle holders, cutout for the candle in the top one?
Not Christmas themed, but here are a couple of my recents.

20in diameter. Half inch ply cut on table saw and poorly stained with a gimmick “all-in-one” product. White acrylic lettering.

About 22"x12", black walnut with Cherry and Maple inlays.


50 watt “Blue and White” CO2 with upgraded tube and power supply, 12x20” work area.

Some of them I sand, some I leave (if they’re not seen when assembled). Once I got really dialed in with my power and cut speed, got good air assist and exhaust, I don’t leave nearly as many real burnt edges. The trick is to cut through with just enough to cut through, but not so much that it reflects back…and to keep the head moving so it doesn’t have as much time to dwell and smoke everything out.

The double on the candle holders has double duty (see I’m making a joke there). It helps keep everything rigid and centers the glass inserts I put in all my candle holders.

Your work looks good! I know of a few teachers that will be getting some of my work this year!



Wow, the elves have been very busy in Santa’s workshop. Great work Dan!


Thank you for the kind words. Yes, who would have guessed Santa’s workshop is actually a cold garage in Texas! I think total count I made right around 100 candle holders and probably 300+ ornaments not counting the pieces that went out with the trash. For my first craft show that only lasted 4 hours it was a pretty massive amount of products. I didn’t get rich, but sold enough AND learned so much that I’m pretty pleased. I’ll probably give away a ton to coworkers, kids teachers, family and so on. Looking at a 3 day fair in the next couple months, but for now I’m just gonna recover and make some stuff I’ve had on the back burner. I’m feeling the itch to get back to wood turning and also have some projects for the XXL. What’s everyone else making? Surely I’m not the only one that got into this hobby to make stuff, haha!!!



Christmas has been good to me as far as paying for the hobby, and helping put a couple of boys in a private school, but I’m ready to get to the projects I originally got the machine for. I still need to make some sales to keep up with the hobby bills and offset the school payments, but I hope to have some time to:1st build an enclosure, and then work on some ideas that keep floating around in this crazy head.
You sir are a machine! In no way could I put out the amount of work you have, and I am impressed beyond words by what you have done with your “hobby”. Very inspiring! Thank you.


Very nice work. People on the forum know how much planning and execution your work takes. Excellent!

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