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I would like to have the option of choosing diameter or radius when drawing a circle. There would simply be a diameter text box and a radius text box, and when you enter a size in one it autofill’s the other. Entering a radius is fine for standard dimensions (1" diameter is .5" radius). However when you have to enter an oddball size, say a 9/16" (.5625") diameter hole, can you tell me what the decimal equivalent is for a 9/32" radius without reaching for a calculator? I find myself far too often doing just that and I find it to be a nuisance.

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And that’s why I prefer metric :rofl:

I don’t know of any software that offers both. If you want to do simple calculations without needing a calculator, switch to metric. You won’t find anybody saying 9/32ths of a cm…

You’re more likely to get the ability to enter fractions into the radius box that you are to get both a diameter and radius box. This is functionality that is widely supported by competitors.

Doing math in the text boxes is not likely to happen (I’ve asked) and it’s something which I really miss from FreeHand.

If you draw a circle, and then scale it, it will remain a circle, so use the diameter as the radius, then scale to 0.5


Dang. It seems so simple to do, but I am not a programmer. Thanks for the scale tip though; never thought of that.

I am a programmer and it’d be trival to add the basic operators (+, -, /, *). Brackets and advanced functions would be much harder.

Perhaps somebody is afraid of the slippery slope… once the basic operators were added, people would only ask for more.

Will’s scaling tip is a good one though.

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It’s not that it couldn’t be done, the concern is that it would be a support issue, so at this time, my understanding is it’s not on the table.

FWIW, when I need to do math, I just use FreeHand or BlockSCAD — here’s a recent tech support example:

(task was working out the tangent to get the two circles smoothly connected)

If someone knows of a tool which:

  • allows math
  • allows interactive drawing/editing
  • allows programming
  • has an interactive 3D display
  • can write out a text file w/ a user-specified filename/extension

and which has reasonable licensing and will run well on a Windows computer w/ a stylus, I’d like to know of it — the next thing I’m going to try is Sverchok in Blender. If that falls through, we’ll try Puredata in FreeCAD. Still bummed that SketchNC crashes on launch.

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