Circle problems

I’ve been running a bunch of jobs recently and I’ve started to notice that my machine doesn’t seem to be cutting perfect circles like I need it to. Anyone know what might be the issue? Maybe I have to re-tension some stuff?

Check the gears on the X and Y axis motors They’re held in place by a set screw that should mate with a flat on the motor shaft. The set screws were loose and/or not lined up with the flats on a lot of machines. That will definitely screw up your circles among other things.


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Please use the operating checklist: — it should help you to troubleshoot such things.

For the pulley set screws, please see:

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The amount its off by is definitely reduced.I may need to get rhe new z plate upgrade that was released after i purchased to stiffen up the router. Thanks for the help!

The z axis plate definitely helped improve the quality of circles on my machine. I’d recommend getting it.