Clicking when moving in x axis

I can barely hear a repetitive clicking noise when the spindle is moving in the x axis. I’m not sure if it’s the x axis motor or belt. I don’t think it’s a skipping noise because the end result carve is still dead on and I’m doing 1+ hour vcarve programs. Any ideas? Thanks!

maybe the X axis eccentrics are just a little loose?

Check for loose hardware, and check for debris on the wheels. My idler pulleys make a little noise.

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Please check the V wheels — usually this sort of clicking is caused by out of spec races inside the V wheels — check how the precision shims match up.

@WillAdams can I do that without disassembling?

You can remove one wheel at a time, then use the bolt for leverage to remove the bearings, then measure the precision shim and the internal race.

@WillAdams what are the risks if I don’t touch it? Thanks.

This may be an indication of a bit of unintended movement in the machine which will result in unintended movement when cutting. Might result in a broken endmill or in poor cut quality and parts not having the correct dimensions.

Would it get worse over time?

Probably not. There’s only so far the V wheels can move internally and it’s a limited back-and-forth.

Ok. I’m not sure if it’s new or not but I’ve been running fine for 8mos. I do Vcarve inlays so any issues would show up fast. Just heard it the other day while sticking my head close to it when looking at the cut. I did notice some gunk on the vwheels and belt but the z axis stuff was way worse. I cleaned it all out and will keep an eye on it for now. The x axis eccentrics were all good nothing loose.

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