CM 428 and Windows 10

I just build a brand new “Windows 10 Pro” machine to replace my old Win 7 one. I Installed CM 428 and immediately get 3 or 4 error messages that MSVCP120.DLL was not found. This is part of the 2013 C++ Distribution. No bid deal, I’ll just down load and install it.

The install goes through the motions but never does anything, so a quick check and I find that the 2013 library is not, and never will be, certified for Windows 10. I cannot get the thing to install.

Any chance CM and probably CC can be updated to use current Microsoft redistributables?

I know others have used Windows 10 so odd that I cannot get 2013 C++ to install. Perhaps this is because of the “Pro” version but I doubt it.


hmm I upgraded to 428 on Win 10 and all was fine

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We have an article on this at:

does that help?

Thanks Will,

Must admit I tried the x64 version and not the x86. Forgot CM was only a 32 bit app. I’ll give that a shot later on.

Doesn’t escape the fact that it’s not certified for win 10 :wink:

As an interesting point… I did see the runtime package flash as I installed CM, so the x86 version was attempted. I get the same issue when running the x64 version. So my hope are not high at the moment.

This is a brand new install of Win 10 Pro (not a Win 8 upgrade), CM being the very first app I installed.

maybe try installing an older version first, then upgrade?

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