CM - Allow bitzero on other corners

Right now you can only use bitzero corner probing on the lower left corner. It would be useful to be able to use it on other corners, in my case the most useful option would be top left.

For example, for simple two sided machining, an easily used setup in CC is Zero is center left, with topside machining above the center line and backside machining below. Zeroing for the backside requires using the top left corner of the stock.

Right now I use a bigger square block placed against the top edge of the stock (so now I have a lower left corner to zero from), but that requires always re-finding Z zero from the stack afterwards (two probes).

I would imagine that lower left would always be the default probe position, but if the same dialog that has the ‘Begin Probe’ button also had a square to click on the corner you want to probe, that would be simple to use without having to dive through settings.


LOL…I’ve been asking for that for 3+ years…don’t hold your breath…


That’s a good idea, although I’ve almost always used the bottom left, I can see this option being available would increase it’s usefulness.

The BitZero should be redesigned anyway, because the leads from the casing are in the least convenient place, IMHO.

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Yes! It would be really helpful for when carbide motion crashes (like I had tonight, I haven’t yet upgraded fusion to use tool changes, I have to save separate g-codes) and you didn’t leave enough material in the lower left to redo the probe. I ended up spending 20mins making a piece to fit and let me probe but the accuracy was still off.

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