CM Auto-loads G-Code Files

I have a small request to the development team for CM… similar to how torrenting programs can look for a .torrent file in a folder and start downloads auto-magically.

I’d suggest that you direct CM to look for gcode file extensions (e.g. .nc) in a given directory lets call it “Active Job” so that when you export your Gcode and drop it into that folder it auto loads the operation so long as there isn’t another active job running.

Reason for this is for those folks using network locations/ drives / share drives / etc… navigating to them over and over again can become a bit clunky; would be nice if it was seamless.

Hmm… not so sure that is desirable. I often have multiple files for a project ( different tools used etc) so which would CM load first.

IMHO a better solution is to have CM default to the most recently used gcode directory so you are less likely to have to navigate elsewhere… or even at all.

I’m in-visioning dropping a file into the “Active Job” folder CM loading it then it gets deleted. If these are repeat operations you do over and over again then you can be copying and pasting from wherever they are saved.

Also, am I correct in assuming that the Bitsetter should now allow someone to export all operations for a setup as a single file and when a new tool is required it just prompts you to switch?

This would be like to the “Hot folders” used by Adobe Acrobat Distiller or Prinergy to distill and refine PDFs — it would be a nice convenience.

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