CM crashing/freezing

it is really frustrating, I love my SP3 but I keep having to re-run jobs as CM freezes or crashes.

I have the router on one power circuit and the SP3 and PC [Win 10] on another. I’m paranoid about touching any power while a job is running but it keeps freezing.
I have also purchased extension leads with suppressors in.
I’ve switched off all power save items on Windows, removed Anti Virus s/w as I though that may be kicking in.
Just uploaded CM to .355 but still have the same issue.

A bit of a concern in that some of the error messages are referring to the Nomad…

Looking at the forums there are lots of these issues but other than a capacitor fix I’m not found anything that looks firm and I don’t want to start soldering just yet.

i’m using Aspire/CM with the Shapeoko GRBLsetup which seems to run great other than these crashes/freezing.

Can anyone suggest anything I’ve missed?

Many thanks

Here are some things one can do do investigate and/or fix power issues:

You will note that surge suppressors are basically worthless to protect against noise, noise that can cause problems.

There are known SO3 hang issues remedied via adding a capacitor:

There seems to be stability issues with CM itself. C3D is investigating.

@WillAdams can provide more information.


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A UPS will do nothing to help.

Good machine grounding and that cap will fix nearly all machine based issues,CM itself is pretty solid but crashes if you have problems with connection,even a momentary blip from the USB will crash it.

Fix the hardware side and the software side will fall into line as many CM ‘problems’ stem from the Hard/Soft connection stability.

Which is why my posting says to investigate grounds and neutrals first. That said, there are noise issues which require filtering, particularly if motors are on the same leg as the CNC machine and/or computer. That is where the UPS or power line conditioner comes in.