CM Crashing on file load when hitting start button too soon

When I go to load a file and it is large it takes a while to transfer from my onedrive over wifi. If I hit start by accident during the transfer it crashes CM. Is there a way to prevent the start button from working until the file is finished downloading?
Thank you

I am running the latest version of CM and it doesn’t seem to give me the ability to press start before the g-code is fully loaded into CM. I design on my shop computer which is Bluetooth linked to my CNC tablet. I transfer the file over that connection to a folder on my tablet. Press load file in CM and if it is a large file a box pops up showing the loading %. Until it is 100% it will not allow me to run the file. Every few days I delete the g-code files on the tablet as the originals are still on my shop computer.

It sounds like loading from a “cloud” folder doesn’t prompt the loading popup in CM which would prevent you from pressing start…

I am not familiar with onedrive and could be mistaken in the exact way CM runs as I am not I front of my setup right now. I’ll double check in a few.

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I would have to describe that as an OS bug, or an issue with network latency — I suppose we could copy the file over to a hidden directory (as is done when exporting directly to CM from CC), but that then adds the bookkeeping of keeping track of any updates or changes to the original file.

If this came in as a ticket on support, my inclination, unless told otherwise would be that only local files are supported and that any files should be copied to local storage off the network before loading into CM and sending.


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