CM Enhancement Req: Skip BitSet for repeated single-tool runs

When cutting multiple pieces that are the same and require a single tool, it would be helpful if there were an option in CM to repeat the job, after replacing the stock, without measuring the tool again.

Something like ‘Multiple pieces?, how many?’

Obviously if the project requires more than a single tool this wouldn’t work, unless the feature were further enhanced to make all the cuts for a tool, prompt to change/measure, load stock, set zeros and run each piece again with the next tool.


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You can temporarily disable the BitSetter when doing production work.

EDIT: Just remember to re-zero the Z-axis.


I tried that on mine and when I tried to run, the Z axis went all the way up to the limit switch and started grinding. Enabled the bitsetter and it worked fine again.

As a software person, I’m not generally in favor of turning off a feature to ‘enable’ another feature/benefit that the software could easily handle, but I also understand focusing resources on the bigger issues and not edge cases.

The ‘enhanced feature’ description, for multiple tools, may be of more value than the single-tool runs, where simply turning off the BitSetter will do (except for those where it causes an issue).

No way for me to know how many of the C3D customers do production runs where this would be a benefit, or what their other priorities might be, but after waiting several minutes for the machine to measure the same tool that had been in place for the previous five pieces, I thought there had to be a better way.

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Note that everytime you either disable or re-enable the BitSetter, you MUST set zeroes again. This is likely what caused this issue.

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You also have to re-zero Z.

If it’s a single cutter toolpath, don’t even bother with the bitsetter. Turn it off before you initialize the machine, and just set your zero & run the file as many times as you like.

But yes, a “Recut this file” option would be cool. :wink: Even for running a 2nd pass to get rid of the fuzzies.

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