CM Enhancement Req: Stop/Alert if retract height and tool exceed Z limit

With a file loaded and the tool measured if the Z carriage hits the height limit and/or tries to exceed it, it would be helpful if CM would pause and pop an alert that the machine limits may have been reached with the current configuration - ‘Ok’ to ignore and proceed or ‘stop’.

I recently discovered an issue where the combination of the stock height, tool length and retraction height caused the machine to lose Z steps when retracting before cutting. This caused it to lose track of where the top of the stock was and plunge much deeper than expected and cause the typically related fallout thereafter.

Reducing the retraction height to fit within the operating area solved the issue, but it wasn’t before several attempts of resetting Zero, tool adjustments and reinitializing the machine before I figured out the retraction height was my issue.

Maybe this I a case where ‘the user should be smarter about what they are doing’ but if the machine can detect and report a limitation issue, seems like an alert would be beneficial.

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Yes, soft limits!!! :smiley: With the option to continue to the next block if it’s safe.

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