CM GCode files saving as CC file

Made a rookie mistake trying to open a CM file with CC. I right clicked the CM file and used the “Open With” prompt to try and open the CM file to work on the design with CC. Now when I try to open files in CM they do not show up. Un-Installed and Re-Installed CC and CM and the presets are still the same. Does anyone know how to switch this back to factory settings. Going on a week without my Nomad and I just purchased some McEtcher bits I want to play with. Going through a bit of withdrawal, no pun intended

Right click on the file type you want to open with CM and select “Properties”.
On the “General” tab you will see a line that says “open with” then an application name. Next to that is a button called “Change”
You can click on that and then select CM.

From then on that file type will open in CM.

Can’t tell you why they don’t show in CM’s own dialog box though…

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Try right-clicking on .c2d files and associating them w/ Carbide Create.

For Carbide Motion, post a screen-grab of the File dialog yuo get when trying to load G-Code?

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Figured it out. Brandon at Carbide 3D was a huge help. So much out of my pay grade as far as computers are concerned.

When I chose to have CM files opened by CC it switched, as asked. When I tried to switch it back Windows did not give me the option to use the original text editor. I did have Notepad++ installed already so I associated it with that. So far CM works fine utilizing Notepad++. Unless there is a better text editor to use I figure this as a win.

Appreciate everyone for trying to help me out

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Windows didn’t give me an option to use CM to open the file. It did have CC and a bunch of other programs. The original text editor that Windows 11 used did not show up as an option.

Windows will show you what it thinks are the most likely suspects to open a file. If the program you want isn’t listed, there should be a “Browse” option, and you have to go & find the .exe
The key is to check the “Always open with this program” option

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