CM GRBL 1.1 update

When should we expect an update? Or did I miss something?

It was expected in the past week or two — I haven’t seen anything yet, beyond the initial blog post and @chamnit’s announcement — I suspect that it’s gotten derailed with vacations and unexpected difficulties, so I guess we won’t be getting the early Christmas present I presumptuously raised hopes for.

Ah well, something for the new year at worst case.

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It looks like it was released…

Yes, Grbl 1.1 was released — the issue is updating Carbide Motion to take advantage of its features.

Is there a set of instructions available on how to upgrade the Shapeoko 3 board with GRBL 1.1?

I won’t need to happen until Carbide3d releases a carbide motion update, unless you’re using some other control software.

I use several different controller software systems.

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