CM restarting mid job

I am working away today and wanting to re-run just the V-Cave portion of my project to clean up the fuzzies. To do this I have to re-run the complete job all over again. And I do remember many times people here asking if there is a way to restart a job part way through. The answer is normally go back to CC and edit the file into subsets. But is there an alternative way in CM ?

I know this is hard to jump to some random spot in the G-code but I am curious, what if when it asks for a tool change, could there be an option to skip that tool and move to loading the the next tool and so on until you get to the tool you want or use it to keep skipping to the end. if the code you need was in the middle.

The G-code file is split nicely into tool groups and therefore IMHO, it should be easy to just jump to the next tool change as you are at a good known point in the G-code.

Obviously there needs to be a "are you really sure ? " as this could create a crash if the previous cut was not done but it does allow you to skip pass tool paths at clean spots in the file.

I personally have had to re-run code may times to clean up fuzzies or … , and one time, I put the wrong bit in OOPS. My eyes are getting old and that ball mill sure looked like an end mill without my glasses :slight_smile:

I just wondered what people’s thoughts are on this as a way to skip through G-code quickly without having to go back and make a subset file in CC.

In addition, just some other related “what if” suggestions for discussion :slight_smile:
I duplicate a v-cave tool path quite often to re-run a tool pass twice. The second pass is a clean up pass. but it is only the last layer that is really required. Maybe an option to repeat last layer. ??? Or maybe it not worth it as it is just as easy to run the tool path again IDK :slight_smile:

I also go in and calculate the depth of cut to leave a small last finishing cut. I do this on chamfer cuts and such. I want to make sure there are no hard forces on the final cut to make it nice and smooth. Again it could be an option to have a xx.xx finishing pass, Not to be confused with roughing and finish passes

  • Start of cut xx.xx
  • Depth of cut xx.xx
    Finishing options:
  • Finishing cut [0 or xx.xx]
  • Repeat the last layer [yes/no]

As I said, just some thoughts for discussion. By no means am I an expert at this :slight_smile:

Happy Carving

You can regenerate the toolpath with the “Clear Tool” unchecked, and just get the vee carve finish passes. On some materials I’ll plan ahead & output both paths in case I need to run the finish pass again.

If you are running v7 just disable all the other tool paths and save the file. The disabled tool paths are still there in case you want to rerun the project again. Just enable the tool paths and save the file.

Agreed but you have to go back to CC to do it. I thought an easy solution would be to just skip through the tool changes

Thanks, for me I have to go back to the office. create a subset, Send the subset file to the shop machine. It would far faster just to skip past the tool paths that have ran. I have seen many people ask if there is away to do this in CM. thought it would be an easy solution :slight_smile:

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