CM Spindle On Button

With runner enabled in the settings, CM’s jog menu shows a Spindle on/off button next to the Set Zero button. Pressing it immediately turns on the router.

So if you’re setting zero with paper, etc with fingers nearby, better be careful. Especially if you have kids near by!

I cannot think of a value to having the button there at all really and seems like an accident waiting to happen. In my opinion it should be removed if a Shapeoko is selected as the bitrunner has an easily accessible switch in there is a need to turn on the router. (Maybe on the Nomad it makes more sense?)

And if there is a pressing need, move it away from the other buttons and this is an ideal spot for a confirmation nag to make sure so fingers are near if you hit this instead of zero


While I don’t disagree with a confirmation option or even possibly moving the two options so they aren’t next to each other, I am confused. Did you mean BitRunner?

Oops - I meant bitrunner. (Now Edited)

But either do not replace the bitzero. The bitrunner It does not require the bitzero/probe…

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