CM Warnings - can I disable them somehow?

First is the warning that comes up every time you go from the “Jog” screen to “Run” screen. That’s relatively new.

Warning text is: “Would you like to measure the tool before jogging? If you have loaded a tool without pressing “Load Tool” this is necesary to make sure the zero is set correctly. If you are not sure, press “Yes”.”

This warning comes up EVEN IF you just loaded a new tool. I am paranoid that I will get in the habit of clicking “No” and then one day the context will change and I will still click “No”.

I realize, I’m part of the reason this warning is even there. New people (me included) tend to jog and change tools and who knows what else, and then run a job. Having seen the machine measure an offset at the initialization, we naively think everything is correct. The machine doesn’t know the state has changed, the tool has changed, the Z offset is wrong. Huge problem.

The other warning is “You have not set zero on your machine” – which sometimes is true but usually it’s that CM doesn’t know that I know the machine knows where zero is.

So anyway, now that I have internalized the Shapeoko thinking on these things, I wonder if there’s some secret incantation I can do to opt to silence warning pop-ups.

I guess long-term the answer is to use UGS etc, but for now…


I put in my vote for these to have checkboxes that say, “Do not show again”. We are having the discussion in another thread on the new “Did you remember to measure your cutter” screen Here

@snakeoil We should probably consolidate these in a feature request. Do you want to do it or should I?

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Have never done a feature request go ahead and show me the way you do that I’ll follow along

@snakeoil OK…I’ve created the request in the “Feature Request: Carbide Motion” forum. Here’s the link to the request.

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