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A client of mine bought a 3d file from me and now looks for someone to cut a 1/2" wooden board for her in Columbus. Unfortunately shipping from Germany would be quite expensive.

Size are 310x310mm.

Would someone close be able to run this job on his CNC? On my SO3XXL it takes around 15min. Cervical Dilation Measurements Board for Midwife Doula Birth | Etsy

@WillAdam, maybe you know someone?

Thanks Michael

What sort of wood?

I’d be glad to do it — just need to work out shipping &c.

Thanks Will,

Maple would be great if available. Otherwise almost any type of hardwood (also for example beech glued panel) will do. Is there anything you have easy access to? (Or in stock)

I’ll check with her.

Thanks Michael

There are Home Depots and Lowes nearby, as well as a Woodcraft — find something on those sites and we’ll work out my getting it.

Sent you a PM we can use to work out the details.

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I made a couple of these for my wife in 2019 when she was teaching child development.
I only had my machine a few months at the time. Poplar with a non-toxic orange oil and bees wax finish.dialation.c2d (497.2 KB)


@LWSIV I live in Columbus, let me know if you still need any help.

HI Parker I was offering the design I made to @WillAdams or anyone else who is able to assist @Msonst .

whoops I see now you weren’t OP. @Msonst let me know if Will is taking care of you, if not I’m happy to help.

Thanks for the overwhelming support! I’m in touch with Will via PM.

Thanks y’all :slight_smile:


No worries, I’ve got a design. Thanks

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