CNC Bit Tray (yet another)

Still a beginner and learning so much! Have done some engraving and a sign before this. Hoping the bit tray keeps me more organized…


Quite a few people have done something similar to this as an early ‘real’ cut, but just be aware the pointy part of the v-bit is very sharp!

Nice tray, though! :+1:

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I have a set of Frued CNC router bits that came in a plastic holder which points the bits upward. I have cut my finger on the adjacent sharp bits a few times trying to get the 90/60 degree v bits out. I keep my other bits in their original plastic cases in a compartment box so I dont cut myself when getting a bit out. Since I have a cnc machine I could make a tray to hold the Frued bits horizontally but that takes up too much room in the drawer I keep bits in. Life is so full of choices and one of them is being lazy.