CNC Cabinet locations

New to CNC, thinking about locating cnc cabinet above Dewalt 12" miter saw station. How big cabinet needed for Shapeoko 4XLL and how high is reasonable. Maybe make miler saw mobile to move to side when load/unload cnc

Think about this… You want to access each side. You want to place your material on the machine. You want to clean. You want to, you want to…

If the height is ok for you for accessing the machine, it will work. Remember Maintenance. belts, lube, dust/chips.

And If it works for you… Scr** everyone else.

You will need the bed of the miter saw proud of the front of the table or feed wood for the miter saw behind the front legs of the table.

With an 4XXL you have a 33" X 33" cutting area. Can you reach the back of the spoilboard above another tool. Also as @Zman pointed out just getting access to do maintenance may be a problem.

What about putting the 4XXL below the miter saw? You would have to crawl around on the floor and maybe extend the miter say out some but that might be an alternative.

Some people have made a swing away platform so when not in use it leans up against a wall. That works if you are not using the machine a lot. If you use it a lot then find a dedicated spot.

It is your space so only you can answer the above questions.With the miter saw at a comfortable table height and the maximum raised position of the miter saw it might be too high to reach your Shapeoko.

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