CNC Cookbook Readers Choice Award

(Patrick Andersen) #1

Hearty congratulations to Carbide 3D / Shapeoko.

You have almost swept the pool in the CNCCookbook 2017 CNC Router Readers Choice Award by being #1 in 7 of the 8 categories.


(Bay Area and Sac, CA) #2

And the eighth category was a three-way tie with C3d, Inventables, and CNC Router Parts…


(Evan Day) #3

Relevant links to the results:

Part 2:

Looks like I chose to buy the right machine. Although I’m curious if the results would change based on splitting out the Shapeoko machines pre-Carbide 3d.


(William Adams) #4

Probably not. AFAICT, pretty much everyone who was dis-satisfied w/ their Shapeoko 2 went over to X-Carves.

Very gratified by the results — our thanks to everyone who took part!

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(Evan Day) #5

It is too bad since the Cookbook is affiliated with G-Wizard, that we forum members can’t get a G-Wizard discount…hint hint hint

Edit: I’m making a joke by the way.


(Phil Thien) #6

It is well deserved. Having had experience with machines from two other vendors, the difference in service and support between those, and Carbide3D, is night and day.

Sometimes I read complaints here about something (like the probe not shipping yet) and think, “you guys don’t know how good you have it,” lol.


(William Adams) #7

Actually, what I’d really like to have happen is for G-Wizard to be built into Carbide Create (and MeshCAM) so that we can just be done w/ the whole feeds and speeds thing.