CNC Cookbook Readers Choice Award

Hearty congratulations to Carbide 3D / Shapeoko.

You have almost swept the pool in the CNCCookbook 2017 CNC Router Readers Choice Award by being #1 in 7 of the 8 categories.


And the eighth category was a three-way tie with C3d, Inventables, and CNC Router Parts…


Relevant links to the results:

Part 2:

Looks like I chose to buy the right machine. Although I’m curious if the results would change based on splitting out the Shapeoko machines pre-Carbide 3d.


Probably not. AFAICT, pretty much everyone who was dis-satisfied w/ their Shapeoko 2 went over to X-Carves.

Very gratified by the results — our thanks to everyone who took part!

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It is too bad since the Cookbook is affiliated with G-Wizard, that we forum members can’t get a G-Wizard discount…hint hint hint

Edit: I’m making a joke by the way.

It is well deserved. Having had experience with machines from two other vendors, the difference in service and support between those, and Carbide3D, is night and day.

Sometimes I read complaints here about something (like the probe not shipping yet) and think, “you guys don’t know how good you have it,” lol.


Actually, what I’d really like to have happen is for G-Wizard to be built into Carbide Create (and MeshCAM) so that we can just be done w/ the whole feeds and speeds thing.