CNC Finger Joint Box

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None taken, I’m mostly a very prosaic person, w/ a minimalist design aesthetic which was usually criticized as being too austere in college critiques.

It is really ingenious some of the joints folks have worked up — the really interesting thing is how old some of them are such as Knapp joints (which dates back to just after the American Civil War).

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I will be up for the book deal

(Josh) #63

That guys glue approach seems to mimic how I’ve seen some people solder (the bigger the glob, the better the job). Still though, I love seeing creative joinery. Trying to figure out how to do my next box and may try my hand at something like that eventually. Thanks for posting that video Chris.

And Will thanks for running through the tutorial!

(William Adams) #64

My pleasure!

(and my thanks for the interest in the book to @Gerryattrick )

I’m afraid I had to pull an all-nighter to finish paging a book at work so as to not fall behind schedule, so no cutting this evening — knocking out a quick tutorial at: Using textures to create a rustic letter

Hopefully I’ll do a test cut and then cut the boards which I’ve got mounted tomorrow — did get the file for the joints drawn up at least.

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Finally got the cuts done — had to do two boards at a time, and somewhat messed up on the depths — I guess I should add a surfacing pass to ensure I’m getting them consistent (and may need to recalibrate my Z-axis):

(William Adams) #66

And I believe we can put this one in the success column:

I will be cleaning up the files a bit, then posting them to cutrocket, then getting to work on the Kickstarter