CNC Machine arrived

While it’s here my machine arrived yesterday evening by UPS. Glade I knew the driver and he was willing to cart it back into the shop. No way I could of moved it from the driveway to the shop. So got to finished the cabinet today and start butting it together late today or tomorrow. That’s my plan anyway and hopefully I can start playing around with it this weekend. Will keep everyone posted on how it going. You all have been great in answering my questions. I will have plenty more for sure.


Cool, welcome to the world.

Come on back with any questions/problems…

Take your time putting it together…


No worry there I will be back for sure. I have already had questions and have been getting a lot of help. Everyone on here has been great. Now I’m just trying to get my cabinet finished so I can start putting the CNC together and start learning.

I am genuinely excited for you I loved putting mine together, I spent so much time researching reading and then, ding doing door bell two guys massive parcel. I was not even able to wait two mi s before I was saying. “honey I will see you in a few days my new toy has arrived” :grin:

Here to help you in any way I / we can

Welcome! I had so much fun putting mine together and working it all out

My advice is that there will be things you don’t understand or that don’t work the way you expect them to… have a few goes at working it out and if you’re starting to get frustrated either walk away for a few hours or post here… people are awesome here!

Also read up on It didn’t exist when I bought mine and its a fountain of information! and check out the wiki I knew it existed but didn’t realise how much information is on there if you take the time and have a look



Ideally all you’d need would be — please don’t feel overwhelmed by the wiki, it’s a useful reference if you can find what you need.

More useful might be:

but again, only if you can find something you want to make.

If you can’t find what you need to know or want to make, and have difficulty working it out on your own, you can either post here, or send the file in to and we’ll do our best to help you through things.

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