CNCjs grbl v1.1 Jog


With all the clever heads in here, is there anyone who has made their own version of CNCjs that handles grbl 1.1 jog ($J) from the Axes Widget?
I have seen trough github and the many issues there, but I am yet to find a soultion to this.

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I tried for a while, but I got lost in the web of javascript and build errors. (beyond my skills/experience)

Have you looked at gSender?

That said, CNCjs development was inactive for a while. Our own @emc is breathing some life back into it.


Related: Jogging with GRBL · Issue #562 · cncjs/cncjs · GitHub


Thank you!
I just had a quick test, it seems very good!
Quite frankly, I have been sticking to Carbide Motion, but I have always had a thing for CNCjs to fill my needs and to make my own build with small tweaks to make things easier, but the grbl 1.1 jogging was to advanced for me to make.

Have a nice weekend

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