Cncjs, HDZ, Proximity switch issues

Hey everyone I have been trying absolutely everything to get this working with no success. I upgraded to a HDZ and proximity switches and installed cncjs on my computer, connected fine and I can move it around fine I cannot however find the settings I need for it to work with the shapeoko or where to set them up properly. If I wave something over the switches they trigger the light but no alarm.

I am completely lost now and been trying to sort it myself for over a month. Designed many objects ready for carving but cannot get the machine to work.

Any help much appreciated.


Hi Danny

Can you send a video to I will get you up and running.

Have you ran though the instructions?



I shall do one first thing tomorrow. Thank you so much Luke.

Does the machine home?
Depending on settings and machine state, those switches might not throw an alarm.
Post your grbl settings


Thanks, is $21=1? That’s the setting for enabling switches


Sent you some pics of the console settings.