Cncjs - how to interrupt a macro?

I know there are a few cncjs users out there :slight_smile:

Anyone know how to interrupt and stop a running macro? I created a spindle warm-up macro that runs for 15 min. Does what it’s supposed to, but could not figure out a way to break in and cleanly stop it. I triggered a hardware feedhold, which did pause, but it started right back up when I released the feedhold. The macro commands were just churning away in the background.

This would also be useful for shorter macros. I’ve accidentally used the “initial tool” macro instead of “tool change” macro - which I realized as soon as I clicked it, but no way I found to stop the execution.

Thoughts or solutions for breaking in to a running macro and making it stop?

Okay - answered my own question - sort of…

The “Reset” button does a full stop if you have a macro running. It will also do an abrupt full hard stop on a homing cycle or anything else the machine is doing, including ending any running programs.


So, useful for stopping my 15min spindle warm up macro part way through, but not useful if you selected the wrong tool change macro. Feedhold works to pause running macros, but they continue running when you release the feedhold.

Some macros may already be passed to the boards buffer, but I can see others being sent in the command window line by line, which means they are still sitting on the cncjs side and could theoretically end cleanly.

Anyway, if anyone knows a way to cleanly end an in progress macro, would appreciate learning how.

Me too as I have been using cncjs for years and did not find a nice solution either

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