Coaster Set: My First Nomad Pro Project

I finished my first project; made a coaster set out of scrap flooring material. I struggled a bit with CC as I wanted to import the animals graphics as .png files. I also tried Fusion 360 but it was way too complicated; with time maybe I can master it.

I ended up buying VCarve Desktop and run it on my MacBook Pro using Parallels. I love the program; it’s really easy to use and tool paths seem easier and more features than MeshCam. The biggest challenge was selecting the format of the GCode export. I found that X-Carve (inch) selection as the post processor works so far.


Digging the end-result—looking forward to seeing what else you decide to go and make :slight_smile:

If you have the time to put it together, I’d love to see some of your post-processing steps, and I’m sure it’d be good for others who want to replicate your success.