Code from Create to Motion error line 1

First time using Carbide Create. Did a VERY simple layout. Saved the Gcode. Opened it in Carbide Motion and immediately get “Error in Line 1: Motion Mode is Unset” What do I do to get it corrected and if this is Line 1 what is going to happen later???

Can you show us the top 20 (about) lines of your code? This will help (so try to remember this in the future).

I am REALLLLLLY new at this. How do I show the lines of code???

After loading the file, Click on the job name in carbide motion to see the g code.
You can also post your c2d file here, or a screenshot.

Apollo - Thanks for responding. Is the *.egc file that Carbide Create made a c2d file that you refer to? I thought I could open the .egc file with Notepad or Worded and see the lines of code but it is just one continuous line of code with no breaks. I am so confused with the new program. I tried to redo the project. I saved it to desktop, opened Carbide Motion, loaded it and it immediately said it was 100% complete. Lost again.

Is this what you need to see???

Um, no.

Let’s try a different approach.

Have you watched the Carbide Create and Carbide Motion training videos?

If you did then this should look familiar (See photo) That black line at the top of Carbide Motion is a link to your GCode. It will open into a new window. From there, you can copy and paste it (for us to look at.

But I have a feeling that once you watch the training videos, all your questions will be answered.

Have fun, and we are here to help you.

Edit (Fixed the video link)

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The egc file is the g code - and I don’t need to see it.
The c2d file is the carbide create working file with the toolpath settings and your design.
Post your c2d file and let us know what machine your using, Nomad or Shapeoko?
What material are you cutting and how thick is it?
What cutter are you using?

Let me start by saying THANK YOU for your help and input. I have watched all the tutorial videos and while re-watching them I found my problem(s). My screen did not look like that in Carbide Motion. I was running Beta version 283 in Create and Version 2.0.3 in Motion. I have updated both programs and it is working now. I have not used the machine in over 6 months and having to start a new learning curve. Again, Thank You to Apollo and Richard.