Cold/chill gun?

I haven’t personally used a “cold gun” that utilizes compressed air to create a jet of cold air, but I can provide some insights and considerations based on the information you’ve provided.

While I don’t have specific experience with the product you mentioned (27), such devices are commonly used in industrial applications where targeted cooling is required. They can be effective in situations where air and mist coolant are typically used, as they provide a focused stream of cold air without the need for additional coolants. This can be beneficial in terms of cost savings and avoiding the mess associated with coolant usage.

Have you felt the air coming out of your air compressor nozzle? When a gas (in this case air) expands it cools (basic thermodynamics). Simply venting compressed air to atmosphere does this. Controlling how much and how fast is totally up to how much money you want to spend and what you are capable of rigging up yourself vs an off the shelf “contraption”. And as I recall you are pretty good and devising and rigging up your own solutions.

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