Collets and endmills larger than 1/4”?

I have a bunch of used endmills of various diameters—5/16”, 1/2” and larger.

Is it possible to get collets for the Carbide Compact Router that allow use of endmills larger than 1/4”? makes precision collets for a lot of routers including the Makita/C3d. They come in MM as well as SAE. I dont think they make any larger than 1/4 inch because the interior shaft size of the router. C3D is making the same router with an er-11 collet that may take up to an 8MM, maybe. You will have to do some research. Check out for what they have. These are for the Makita/C3d Router.

Elaire Part # Hole Diameter Makita Part Number Price Buy Online
MRP-1250 1/8" N/A $24.50
MRP-1575 4 mm N/A $24.50
MRP-1875 3/16" N/A $24.50
MRP-2362 6 mm N/A $24.50
MRP-2500 1/4" 763637-1 $21.50
MRP-3150 8 mm N/A $24.50
MRP-SET Collet Set 1/8",3/16",1/4" N/A $63.50
MRP-SETM Collet Set 4 mm, 6mm, 8mm N/A $63.50

For ER-11 Collets I found this size range:

ER Collet Length Clamping Range
ER-11 18 mm (0.71) 0.5—7 mm (0.020—0.276)

I am sure you can also get SAE size collets for ER-11.


You can get a 3/8" collet for Makita style routers like the C3D one… but that’s a larger as it gets for the shaft size.

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Elairecorp has the following statement at the bottom of the Makita Collet page.
" ** If you require a sizes not listed, please call or email us and we can accommodate

Collets are compatible with the following routers;

RT700C, RT0700CX3, RP0900K, 3621, 3621A"

The Elaire Corp. 8mm collet will work for 5/16" tooling (assuming the tooling is otherwise suitable).

The 3/8" collet is a tiny thing, and usually only used on a CNC for metrology gear.

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