Combine Toolpaths

I have two toolpaths with a V-bit. Is there anyway I can run these in Carbide Motion without stopping for a toolchange, which I don’t need?

More detail; I have a circle I execute a contour path with no offset. Next, with the same vbit, I perform v-carving in the middle of my project. How do I combine these two toolpaths in CC so I’m not required to stop for a tool-change I don’t need?

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this is a (known) bug in Carbide Create that hopefully @robgrz will fix at some point.

if you’re not afraid of an ASCII editor (notepad++ is great for that) you can manually edit the Gcode for this… you just need to delete the line with the M6Txyz (xyz being the tool number) on it.
Well obviously you need to delete the 2nd redundant one, not the first, since do you want to have the first one around

[update: I just filed a convenient test case with the support folks to make it easier to reproduce for the developers:
testcasetoolchange.c2d (193.7 KB)

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Thank you so much. I feel comfortable with editing the Gcode. It should keep the same tool info and carry on as though it’s continuous movement. I least in my head, just making sure this was acceptable without any gotch’cha’s

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you actually can do a few more edits; there’s a M05 just before it that has to go as well
(that turns off the spindle) and a M03 after it that turns it back on that also needs to go
there’s also a G53 there (that moves the bit up all the way for you to easily change it) that you can optimize away as well

turning the spindle/router on/off is not harmful but if you’re optimizing… might as well remove that as well, in addition to the G53 line

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Still learning here, just got my machine in March so pardon the question just trying to gather as knowledge as possible.
If you are using the same bit isn’t it possible in CC just to save the gcode that includes both operations?

Thanks for the additional info. I wondered what the G53 was. It’s not listed in their gcode doc. I’ll give this a try under the MDI screen.

yes you can but there is a quirk where CM will pop up a dialog asking for a bit change (assuming you have a bitsetter)… @Bushmeister would like to skip that dialog :slight_smile:


G53 is basically “move to absolute machine coordinate” (e.g. not using the work piece zero)

it’ll move to the absolute -5mm (measured from the top of the Z where you hit the limit switch)

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Slightly convoluted to find. The ShapeOKO controller uses grbl, grbl implements a subset of the LinuxCNC gcode support and refers you to their docs, this is the LinuxCNC description of G53.

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