Combining 2 c2d files?

Is it possible to combine 2 separate files into 1? I created 2 separate Create files and want only one.

I’m afraid not officially.

There was an app for converting from .c2d to SVG posted to the unofficial Shapeoko Facebook group recently — didn’t do curve objects though — you could use that to make an SVG, then import it.

The other thing to consider would be using a text editor to merge the two files — the .c2d fileformat seems pretty straight-forward, I’ve hand-edited it a couple of times when doing support and it’s worked.

If you wish, mail the two files in to and we’ll try to get them stitched together.

After sleeping on it, I remembered that I had used f-engrave to create the curved lettering I am using. So I can just re import it. To bad I just used a placeholder name for the export. And had over written it. That’s how I learn, do over until I get it down pat.

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I wrote a simple Python script for it:

You need to install Python 3 first, then you can run it from the command line.

Would be nice if Carbid Create would allow to merge other Carbid Create files with the import button.


Does anyone know where I can find this converter? The FB page seems to have been removed. Thanks!

Woops - ignore me regarding the FB page. I just never use FB and didn’t know what I was doing. The way I was logged in (as a biz), I couldn’t get to the groups area.

I would just delete my previous post, but I want to clear up any confusion I caused.