Communication loss at end only

3 times now,( not in a row ) I have completed a project and the communication were lost. My projects were 100% complete so did not think much about it. Have never had any emi shutdowns dust hose system grounded etc. Anyone have similarities to this? I’m using latest versions not the beta versions.

I heard or read something regarding being connected to the Internet either hard wired or wireless can cause interruptions with the signal.
I turn off my wireless connection when running a project.

I have had this happen too. A completed project, everything fine. Removed the item from its mounting, a bit of an air blast, then noticed CM had reset.

I figured my post-operation work caused a static discharge.

CM’s reset-on-any-sort-of-failure could be improved. A dialog to say why it was about to reset would be preferable to a silent reset, so we could diagnose this issue.

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I have seen this a few times.
Complete a job, the spindle raises to home position and at that moment, communication is lost.

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That is the perfect answer.

Write in to and we’ll do our best to assist.

Big things are:

  • ground dust collection
  • route spindle power as far away from other cabling as is possible
  • put spindle and vacuum on a separate circuit

! Complete a job, the spindle raises to home position and at that moment, communication is lost. !
Yes that is exactly what happened. Thanks for all the inputs thought it was just my issue.

So, I have had my machine since the end of 2019 and not every job but definitely every day my machine would do exactly like youre saying, finish the tool path, retract and disconnect. Where its not as bad as it disconnecting mid run, its super annoying when you are running tight tolerance parts. Last fall, I installed a water cooled spindle and it would disconnect immediately, as soon as the spindle was turned on. I dont know if everything I did was necessary to stop the disconnects but I do not get disconnects at all anymore. I ran a dedicated circuit for the spindle, the power to the spindle is outside of the drag chain, there is an emi filter in line with the power to the spindle, I used a plastic cutting board in between the carbide motion board and the frame and bolted it to the frame with nylon bolts, carbide 3d sent me a usb isolator, I also added a ferrite ring around the spindle power cable.
You may not be using a spindle but several of the above mentioned things may help resolve your problem anyway.

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