Community challenge #10: Milling plastics (closed)

Entry #2 (Rocket Lamp)

I decided to submit this one separate because it definitely was a separate project. I wanted to make a light for the “Space Room”, and I wanted it to be the same theme with dark stained wood and white. Here we go.

Fusion Model:

Real Deal:

The acrylic (white and orange cast) was cut exactly as above:

⅛” single flute upcut endmill (cheap one)

Feedrate: 3210 mm/min
Speed: DeWalt on 1

Plunge: 888 mm/min

DOC: 1mm

Frame was made from ¾” ply. Mitered corners with a dado groove to hold face

Face is ½” ply.

Back is ¼” ply.

Trim with mitered aluminum strips. (Sanded, but I thought HARD about trying some “engine turning”).

The back of the face was cut with a pocket for acrylic.

These were lightly glued and held in place with embarrassingly simple holders. The two holes in the white acrylic are for screws to hold the “windows” on the front of the rocket.

I added a barrel jack connector for power and routed that through a tiny led ring switch to another power connector to make adding the LEDs really easy. I wired the switch led to be always on.

After that, a bright white LED strip was wrapped around the inside.

Closed up the back with those little points to hold frame glass (the name is eluding me). Edit: glazing points.

Aluminum face frame was glued on with E6000 adhesive.

Fusion Design: RocketLight (940.2 KB)
CutRocket Rocket: Rocket Lamp by neilferreri