Community challenge #10: Milling plastics (closed)

Hi all,

As mentioned in another thread, I tried a wooden v-inlay in acrylic. Didn’t think I would finish today, but here’s my second entry:

Settings for the acrylic were like in my other project:

  • 90° V bit at 1700mm/m and 17000 rpm

Then the male part of the inlay with plywood attached with wood glue, sawed and sanded off.

The acrylic was then sanded up to grit 3000 and I also put some linseed oil on. Not sure if that only cleaned the surface as @Sherpa mentioned or if it really hides some tiny scratches.

The base was cut from two sides to fit the LED strip and the acrylic sheet.

I cut out the base manually with a hand saw, so you see I really need those computer assisted machines :sweat_smile: But parallel lines are boring, anyway.

The files:
christian_plug.c2d (739.4 KB) LED_base.c2d (83.7 KB) christian.c2d (1.1 MB)