Community challenge #10: Milling plastics (closed)

6in Vice Magnetic Soft(er) Jaws

Leftover Delrin and a bench vice that would be more useful if it didn’t mark up objects when clamping.

Soft Jaws Isometric View back 2020-07-04 013112

This one checked off a few boxes for me…

  • Multi-sided machining
  • Chamfering using a vee bit
  • Using a jig with the SO3
  • Having to machine mating parts
  • Machining plastic
  • Broke my personal record for bits used in a job

I built a corner square from scrap plywood (polymer coated on the outsides) so I could make a through cut without damage to my wasteboard, and also because I couldn’t spare any excessive cutting since my work pieces were close to actual size to start off, I needed to be aligned with the axes.

The first side machined was the working face.

  • Facing operation - Freud #75-025 1/4" single flute 18000RPM 60IPM
  • Chamfers and V-grooves - Carbide Tool Source G23 1/4" 90Deg Vee 16000RPM 96IPM
  • Circular groove - Freud #72-101 1/4" 2-flute ball nose 16000RPM 39.371IPM

2nd side was the top side for aesthetics

Last set up was clearing the bulk and magnet holes

Unfortunately, I’m cutting it close. I hit many road bumps a long the way so I have to cut yet another pair, but to give an idea…

Fusion 360 Files