Community challenge #17: Maps (closed)

Still new to this…
30 x 50 World Map with Resin. Shapeoko XXL

Map section 1.c2d (1.4 MB)
Map section 2.c2d (1.4 MB)

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Well done @steveJ & @Timberfortress, beautifully done!

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Iraq Plaque Jack Iraq Name Jack Iraq Cut out of Iraq, this was a replacement plaque for one of my troops who deployed to Iraq, I used all Whiteside bits, .25 EM DC for cut out, .125 EM DC for the shelf slot and the 7.62 round hole, and 60 Degree .25 VBIT for the lettering. The round and barbed wire are all from Iraq. Posted on CutRocket.


So conveniently, I just made a map as Christmas gift for my sister and her fiance. Map of Manasquan, NJ and surrounding area based on a canvas map they saw in a store once. Crappy phone photos (er, phone photographers) required a decent amount of cleanup in Gimp and vectorization in Inkscape. I would have loved to go with gold dry brushing for the carve and a grey/blue stain or even some epoxy to play with the depth of the carves, but the thought didn’t occur until after it was too late to attempt. Tung oil looks pretty on bamboo at least…

Right after a light sanding/machining completed

And now after some tung oil / burnishing

11x7.5" bamboo board from Ikea (per someone on here’s suggestion a while back) cut beautifully with minimal fuzzing/chipping. I think I actually had the CC defaults for hardwood V-carve doubled in CM for feedrate. The resin in the board holds all those fibers pretty well I guess and the hardness is on par with maple so no surprises… Really my only complaint was that my stock wasn’t the original 16x12 I had intended (I originally was going for my standard columbia forest maple ply, but then saw the bamboo sitting all dejected / neglected.

I have a terrible habit of not signing the things I make for people as gifts even though they ask for it so I have been making it a point to add a name somewhere, date, and some silly “maker’s mark” things. So you get a surname and year + some unnecessary Philadelphia references like a Liberty Bell and Ben Franklin riff. Shame the scaling lost some clarity, but I’m happy enough. C2d file is zipped up since it’s 0.8-ish Mb over the limit… (1.5 MB).

The other thing to note: CC claimed 10 hours for this at 10.5 x 7, but it took less than 2 in practice (and I believe 60ipm feed…).

EDIT: Just had a thing I figured I’d throw out to the crowd: what is your favorite finish for carving? oiled/stained, epoxy filled, paint, inlay, other?


Looks like Katz-Moses wants to get into our challenge - he even just referenced @wmoy in the video that he released 5 hours ago.


A few more maps maybe ? One week (and week-end) to go, it’s not too late to think of something you would like to submit!


Working on mine. Im only home on weekends typically and just started sunday night.


Sadly I do not have time but it’s a wonderful idea.
I plan to make a guitar with a map on the back for a long time.

I guess all of you know this website, it’s amazing the number of map you can download!!


Hoping that one of the monsters of design here will come up with something like a globe that is cut in pieces and can be assembled. Something along these lines:
4-sided Globe

@MikeG - You laid it, you hatch it! You got 5 days - that should be plenty of time!

Well…at least I’m considering adding a manual rotary table similar to what Mr. Van Hoof has created :slight_smile:

The community helped me make my topographic Skyrim map, and I learned a lot from that process. I wanted to make for another game-map that would look similar, but using a different technique. The same company that made Skyrim also makes a game called Fallout.

Unlike Skyrim, the Fallout games use real locations and Fallout 4 was based in Boston. To make this map I decided to do everything by hand. It was a VERY manual process as it took me roughly a week to build this design in Carbide Create, but I loaded an image from the game into Carbide Create using the “Set Background” feature. Then used the “Create Polyline” tool to draw EVERYTHING (except for the logo in the lower right corner). I really enjoyed this process, I would just listen to music and trace lines until it was time to go to bed.

here is what that looks like with the background turned off.

My Skyrim map turned out to be 21 in by 21 in, but the land mass was only 21 in by 16 so I was able to do that without any tiling (I have an XL 16 x 32 limit).

For the Fallout map I would need to learn how to do tiling, which is why you see the holes along the left side of the map. The holes lined up with my threaded inserts, but to cut the (vertically aligned) holes I had to rotate the board and cut them horizontally. This was a good test to make sure my Shapeoko is setup perfectly square and X distances match Y distances.

I then surfaced the top (tile 1 - cnc job 1), repositioned the material and surfaced the bottom (tile 2 - cnc job 2), and then stained the entire board. I could faintly make out the area that was effectively double surfaced, but was satisfied with the results.

I then ran a pocketing pass on all of the water, but had to break that into a top and bottom tile (so that was cnc jobs 3 and 4). And the tiling worked great.

I then removed the board, and hand stained the pocketed areas with blue stain (everyone should try blue wood stain, it just looks great).

Then back onto the CNC to run some no-offset toolpaths on all of the roads, and some very shallow pockets for the dots, and my smallest 17 degree v bit was used to barely scratch the stained surface for the text. These were CNC jobs 5 and 6, the only trouble was deciding what to include on the north/top tile and south/bottom tile within the overlap. And keeping straight what details were on land vs water since the water was 0.1 inches lower than the land.

I was asking the wood to hold detail it could not really handle, the uppercase letters are 2mm tall and up close you could see the flaws. The Shapeoko did it’s job perfectly, all the flaws were due to the wood and/or stain, but I was more than pleased with the result.

The Carbide Create file for this project is 41.4mb, and this forum has a file size limit, and so does Cut Rocket. I tried exporting everything as an SVG, but that file was over 15mb. The link below connects to a file shared via dropbox, I’ll cleanup/delete the file in a couple weeks.


Bringing back memories of playing Fallout4 while also submitting a great entry… :+1: !

you did not include “Nuka World” ?

No Nuka World or Far Harbor. They could be their own maps, but I’ve already set my sights on Cyberpunk as my next gamescape™ project.


You could do it like this.


That is really slick! Alas, I’m stuck with working through an epoxy addiction, which could be a lot worse, like trivets for example :wink:


I finished mine tonight. It was inspired by the Moon Tiles project on the Bantam Tools site. I made mine a lot smaller though so it would be easier to find a spot to hang it.

Using the Far side of the moon topography stl from NASA. I put the stl in Blender and used the decimate function to reduce the mesh. Then I used Vcarve desktop to import the file and select a section that I wanted to use. I used a 46286 1/8 tapered ball nose from Amana with a 3d finishing path. Took around 1.5hrs to cut.

I couldn’t figure a way to cut the design in to 4 squares. So I just cut the wood up before milling it.

I also got to finally try aluminum. It worked well but near the end I broke my bit and didn’t have any more. So I only have two side brackets.

Overall I am really pleased with how it came out. I did have issues at first. When the endmill would change directions it left an indent in the piece as seen below. This left an X shaped line in the whole piece. I think it was because my settings for the bit were no good, I was using some Chinese amazon ballnose that I got with my used machine. I ordered a set of Amana ones and used their settings in vcarve and it remedied that issue.

I also put my Carbide Create file for the brackets on Cutrocket.


Here’s mine:

So I had a project I did a while ago that I wanted to revisit:

I should’ve used a 1/32 to finish the mountain, as the 1/16 ball didn’t get to all the features.

Cut rocket link:
Basically the idea was to take the Japanese flag and put Mt Fuji topography over it. However it seemed too abstract and didn’t come across clearly.
So I decided to go with the Colorado state flag with Colorado topography over the top. Mostly happy with this. Going to send both on to a buddy who will make a box with them as the box top.

Woods were walnut (because I didn’t have time to experiment with dying maple blue), maple, padauk(red), and osage(orange). I’d like to give it another go with using blue dye. Also the cutting out of different parts is quite tedious and I had a few issues with parts not quite lining up. I think there may be some slight size change converting from inch (how I designed) to mm (for cutting). Clearly I should just stick in metric more.
Dimensions for the flag gotten from this site:

Here’s the carbide create file: colorado.c2d (812.0 KB)


Thank you all for your entries ! Voting is now open.