Community challenge #2, 2019-2020 edition

Thank you! Its spalted pecan wood :heart_eyes:


Merry Xmas everyone, today is the deadline, I will open the voting poll tomorrow morning !


I would absolutely have entered if I’d been in the same state as my beloved Shapeoko!

Awesome entries :grinning::grinning::grinning:


I am working on a submission, I hope to have it finished by this evening.
Merry Christmas!


Saw this post this morning while drinking some coffee. Thought I would toss my hat in to the ring and give it a shot. So, Here is my submission.

I had an .75" thick piece of Aspen board in shop. Cut this out using .25 upcut. Used same endmill for the pocket where the xbox controller sits.Added dogbone fillets for the inserts. Ran a chamfer around the edge then applied some Espresso wood stain and glued it up. I have attached my Aspire file in a zip Merry Christmas all!

EDIT: updated to put ASPIRE file here with all pics in a single post.

Carbide Holiday (headset holder).zip (95.1 KB)


Try zipping it first?

Thanks Will… That worked

Hi @GaryPie,

Thanks for your participation !
Do you mind posting your design file too (.c2d if you used Carbide Create, or something else if you use a different CAD/CAM tool), just to make your entry fully compliant to the rules ? If @WillAdams removed the “single file” limitation on your account, you should be able to edit your post to add it there. The SVG is fine, but people are also usually interested in seeing the associated toolpaths as a reference.

For some weird reason, I initially read that as “my Shapeoko is ready, but I’m not”, like you had a flu or something. It took me a good 5 seconds to realize that you are just far away from your machine :slight_smile:
Anyway, see you in the January contest then !


At @Julien’s prompting I’ve upgraded your account out of new user status.

Post away!

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Hi guys, Merry Christmas!
So I came across this contest late on Saturday night, I had just broken my limit switch right in the middle of making some presents for my parents and ended up with nothing to do so I started building a iPad holder with Fusion 360. Next thing I know its daylight and I have this complex monstrosity half finished and no end in sight, I go to sleep and wake up from a dream with an idea. A poor mans limit switch!
After endless hours of research, and a very long and complex build, my home made limit switch was finally finished and I was ready for testing.

It worked flawlessly and I was up and running again ready to build the most amazing iPad holder known to man, possibly with a perpetual motion machine and maybe a quantum time altering device built in on the side. Anyway, a few hours later… I give up on my aspirations and decide to just make a simple iPad holder but I did have time to photoshop a cool svg of my dogs face for a logo (pics below) which I think came out great, and did manage to finish my other presents before Christmas.
The iPad stand is made with a 11.25x24x.75 plank of Red Oak.
Tools used are a flat 1/8 for boring the clamping holes and a 90 Degree .75 diameter V bit plunging to .2 below surface. Also I used an engraving bit for the C3d logos.
Mounting holes are designed for the Ohio Diesel aluminum spoil board with a 1.5x1.5 inch grid. I did add exterior ledges for recessed clamping to allow for other types of spoilboards.
I designed the map to allow for a 1/4 end mill to reach all surfaces with slot clearing and no further tool changes are needed. I tried to balance tool path finishing operations with moderate machine time and settled on a 8 hour estimate for total build with about a half hour of finish sanding afterwards. I am using a flat end mill for contouring, I know beveled edges look better with a ball mill but I am not comfortable using them yet, I am not clear on how to tool path them down to inside corners and ledges without screwing things up so I have been building everything with flat end mills to date lol.
I will attach the DXF with toolpaths included. Please review all toolpaths and set your clearance for your clamping heights. Please do not run this with out customizing and testing it for your setup.

Fusion 360 File

Thanks for looking, Good luck to everyone! I hope you all have a great Christmas!

Bonus Entry: This Desk Organizer I made for my son in law. It has two stands one for the phone to stand upright, and one to lay it sideways and plug it in. I am very sneaky and measured all his stuff when he was not looking lol.


Well you already win the prize for “cheapest limit switch ever” :slight_smile:
Glad you could make it in time for the deadline, that is a very cool stand (and cool dog, too) !
Don’t forget to attach the design file.


I am having a issue with it, it is too large. Any suggestions? It is 5.6 MB zipped.

Have to admit It works so well I did not bother to put on my new limit switch yet haha…

Is it the Fusion360 export ? You could alternatively share a public online link on the Fusion cloud thing.


With Fusion 360, you can make it viewable to all instead of posting the file.

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Wow that is so cool. I think fusion is the best editor I have ever used. I like it better then Unreal.
I will edit my post and add link.

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Couple projects I made. These are my first real projects being a new be.

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Thanks. I have added my Aspire file and all pics in one post now.


I love the idea of having a dedicated place for my remote controls. Sadly, remote controls never end up where they should.

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