Community challenge #25: Beyond the limits (closed)

I have gone off the deep end with my Overlanding preparation and decided the molle solutions out there didn’t fit my specific needs as well as I had hoped.

I used a cheap 2.5 mm single flute bit to cut everything and turned the whole panel 180 degrees lining up some quick registration marks. I was conservative with the feeds and speeds because this was the first time with starboard and I had only purchased one piece.

I made inserts to come in from the back and nailed the tolerances the first time. Using some all thread I hammered the inserts(10-24). I used them to mount the quick fists in the desired locations.

Using elevator bolts, spacers, washers, and nylock nuts to pull everything together.

I am going to cut rocket next to load the files with speeds and feeds for everything. Truck Molle Panel and Insert by shallowcreek


Cool! I’ve wanted to make one of these too.

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Custom Catan board (with lights)

Settlers of Catan has been a popular past time for me and my friends, especially the online version ( during this past year. Thus, my board was designed around the style of Colonist’s version of the game.

Initializing sequence

Dice roll

The board is larger than my Shapeoko Pro XL’s cutting area (in red), and has features on both sides. There are a total of 3 operations, tiled with a 180º rotation and a 180º flip.

I happened to have some SMW 1/4" pins so I drilled 1/4" holes in my wasteboard and added two holes at the same locations in my design (and centered).

Half of the design was cut at once, then flipped 180º.

Top of the board finished, magnets added

Making the tiles
Tiles cut from bamboo cutting boards. Bamboo is such a nice material to work with.

Resources engraved with a laser, since the designs are a bit too small and delicate for a CNC router (especially the wheat)

Epoxy filled, and surfaced

Adding a finishing clear coat of epoxy.

I also milled a simple PCB

RGB lights added

Electronics soldered


I can’t get enough of the last minute entries, thanks everyone, and now to vote !

thanks for the help Julien, looks like the cutrocket files for the staff head are published now.


@Julien - Noticed my cut rocket is still in draft. Anything needed to get it squared away?

Let’s give the Cutrocket elves a bit more time and we’ll see.

Is it too late to post to Cutrocket for the bonus? I won’t be able to do it until later today.

It’s not too late, I add the bonus to the tally when closing the votes, so you still have a few days (it may take a day or two for the project to be published though)


Are you planning to share the files uncut rocket?

I was not planning on putting anything on All I ever created were all of the parts that needed to be cut. I never actually created a final plan and I deviated too much from the original plan for that to be used… But seeing others using custom drawing add-ons makes me want to create one and draw it with the Shapeoko. In short, all I have are files from WingHelper, devFus and the dxf file I posted. I didn’t think that anyone else would have those programs, so I did not put them on CutRocket. If you want them, I can add them to my post.

I know the challenge is over…here’s a PVC ghost and spiderWeb for the front door. I did this one about 4 years ago right after my XL upgrade. It’s about 2’x4’ with a 16.5" diameter web.
I was asked about tiling in Fusion, so I thought I’d share the file here in case anyone wanted to see ONE way it can be done.

Fusion Files: (3.2 MB)